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Due to the popularity of MHSBC's genealogical services, we are experiencing a backlog.
Could everyone please restrict themselves to five items per week, including genealogy look ups, requests for copies of obituaries, and EWZ records.

So altogether just 5 questions - could be a combination - eg. one look up, one obituary, and 3 EWZ records per week.

Fee schedule: For the first request (obituary, EWZ50 film or any other genealogy lookup) $5.00 and the next 4 requests are $1.00 each, plus 10 cents per frame.

Please note that we only have the EWZ50 series. Thank you.

We kindly ask that requestors download their files before the expiry date once they've paid. Check spam and junk folders for "P Cloud" transfers, as they often end up in there.

Be aware that once the download expires, requestors will need to re-request and pay again, so downloading in a timely manner is very important.

We are saddened by the recent attack on Ukraine by Russian forces. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine.

Due to the increasing sanctions by western governments against Russia including its financial institutions we are suspending the fulfilment of information request originating in Russia. This action is being taken as payment through regular channels may no longer be an option.

Email questions regarding genealogy to:

Mennonite Migration to Molotschna: ca. 1848

Transfer of Households in Molotschna: ca. 1848

Internal Movement of Mennonites in Russia: 1848

Mennonite Movement from Molotschna to Chortitza: 1848

Miloradovka 1897 Census

Petrovka, Naumenko Colony 1897 Census

Prangenau, Molotschna List, 1924

Vassilyevka, Naumenko Colony 1897 Census

Yazykovo Colony Census Lists

Mennonitische Rundschau Obituaries Index: 1930-2001

Der Bote Obituaries Index: 1924-2008

Mennonite Brethren Herald Obituaries Index

Cemetery Lists

The Canadian Mennonite Obituaries

Mennonite Church USA Archives - North Newton.
Biographical wiki containing obituary indexes to Mennonite periodicals and local newspapers.

For further resources see the British Columbia Genealogical Society Website.

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