Mennonite Movement from Molotschna to Chortitza: 1848

State Archive of the Odessa Region, Odessa, Ukraine

Fond F-6, Opis 2, Delo 9291

Translated by Nikolai Mazharenko
June 2001
HTML by Richard D. Thiessen

Reports from the Chortitza District Office about Mennonites who moved to other colonies because of their marriages.

Aaron Lammert moved from Elizabeththal to Chortitza to be included with his father-in-law David Loewen.

Gerhard Schellenberg from Blumstein to Einlage to be included with Cornelius Martens.

Jacob Abraham Thiessen moved from Ruckenau to Rosengart to be included with the family of Isaac Berg.

Andreas Daniel Walleman moved from Hutterthal to Wallemann to be included with the family of Jacob Dick.

Leonhard Tschetter (his brother is Lorenz) moved from Hutterthal to Burwalde to be included with the family of Johann Neufeld.

File created 1 September 2002

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