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Due to the popularity of MHSBC's genealogical services, we are experiencing a backlog.
Could people please restrict themselves to five items per week, including genealogy look ups, requests for copies of obituaries, and EWZ records.
So altogether just 5 questions - could be a combination - eg. one look up, one obituary, and 3 EWZ records per week.
Thank you.

Email questions regarding genealogy to:

Mennonite Church USA Archives - North Newton.
Biographical wiki containing obituary indexes to Mennonite periodicals and local newspapers.

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Mennonite Migration to Molotschna: ca. 1848

Transfer of Households in Molotschna: ca. 1848

Internal Movement of Mennonites in Russia: 1848

Mennonite Movement from Molotschna to Chortitza: 1848

Migration of Mennonites to Molotschna: 1849

Migration of Mennonites to Molotschna: 1851-52

Miloradovka 1897 Census

Petrovka, Naumenko Colony 1897 Census

Prangenau, Molotschna List, 1924

Vassilyevka, Naumenko Colony 1897 Census

Yazykovo Colony Census Lists

Mennonitische Rundschau Obituaries Index: 1930-2001

Der Bote Obituaries Index: 1950-2004

Mennonite Brethren Herald Obituaries Index

Cemetery Lists

The Canadian Mennonite Obituaries

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